The struggle to step into true freedom is real.

In a season where I felt completely trapped in my emotional pain, caught up in a cycle of living that had me questioning my sanity, I confronted the reality of the word “freedom” and its sometimes elusive-seeming nature. Freedom can feel like a carrot dangling in front of our eyes that we hear preached about in sermons and read about in our Bibles, yet we seem to be the only donkey that can never quite reach it. The truth is, there is a Kingdom process coupled with an unfailing, all consuming love that is found in the presence of God that will plant seeds in our hearts for freedom. If those seeds are cultivated in our partnership and relationship with God, then the fruit will be abundant freedom. But we must choose to engage the process.

After an 8 year, purpose-filled journey of wrestling for my freedom, I began to feel a nudge to start an annual gathering of women in NYC. It began to feel selfish to not give away what had been given to me. I asked God what was on my life and I got one word - freedom. I then asked Him to give me a name for the gathering because I didn’t want to contrive something that I’d have to sustain by human means. Just moments after I asked, I heard three words, “She is Free”. I quickly Googled it to see if was available, and I was taken to a website advertising sex toys and porn. I was outraged that this is what the world believes a free woman looks like. I knew right then and there that this was territory that I was willing to take back for the Kingdom of Heaven. The redeeming factor is that we purchased that very website domain and are on a mission to redefine what a free woman truly is.

She is Free is now Liberty Church’s annual women’s conference. It launched in April of 2015 at the Gramercy Theatre. We desire it to be a growing and thriving movement of women who wrestle with the truth and choose to live free, spirit, soul and body, and that we would be women who will in turn give that gift of freedom away in our spheres of influence.

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