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popular quotes from the book

In His presence, we realize whose we are and, in turn, find out who we are.


Allow the Healer to bind your broken heart as He gently whispers to you the truth wrapped in His love so that you can live a transformed life, free from the lies that have held you captive.


It’s time for the healing within you to produce an avalanche of freedom around you and bring the kingdom of heaven here on earth.


Choose to live purposefully aware and attentive to your heart, soul, spirit, and body’s needs.


It is in His presence that we can be healed and begin to thrive.


There is no substitute for the presence of God.


The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are always near, within, present, and available; we need only become more aware of what we already have.


You may feel orphaned, abandoned, rejected, alone, and left to sit in your pain forever, but the Healer is with you, available to you, and ready to jump into the pit with you at any time to help you climb out.


In any season, you can step away for a moment, give yourself a time-out, and connect to the Father’s heart.


Your pain can have purpose when it’s connected and healed in the Father’s perfect love.


Keep showing up—keep coming to the table.


History is His story, and you have been written into it. What will your chapters look like?


Forgiving is necessary for our freedom and a natural overflow of the grace, love, and forgiveness that have been extended to us.


He came for a revolution in our hearts.


Neither your past pain nor your current season defines who you are.


When we don’t know what we have, it’s hard to walk in authority as a daughter.


Jesus paid the price for our full freedom, not partial freedom.


We are no longer slaves to shame, fear, or our past; we are God’s beloved children because of Jesus.


When the enemy comes to say, “Shame on you,” hear a whisper resound in your heart “No, my daughter, shame off you!”


I am a daughter, deeply connected to the heart of the Father at all times, and my connection to others in loving community is worth the risk.


The Holy Spirit, our gift from heaven, is so beautifully personal and always present.


The healer mends our hearts and lives in countless moments of significance and seeming insignificance.