Coffee with Andi Podcast

Dive deeper in your faith with open and honest conversations about Jesus and life with Andi Andrew and her friends – featuring Lisa Bevere, Havilah Cunnington, Jo Saxton and more. 

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Season 1


Season 1 • Episode 1

S1E1: Truth Telling in Love with Lisa Bevere

Welcome to Coffee with Andi. For the first episode, Andi invites her dear friend, mentor, and bestselling author, Lisa Bevere, to discuss life and discipleship. Lisa also shares her secret coffee recipe.

"If we're going to be disciples, we have to believe there's something that we're discipling towards, which would be truth and transformation." – Lisa Bevere


Season 1 • Episode 2

S1E2: Identity Crisis with Jo Saxton

Destiny and identity are forever connected. In this episode, Andi invites her friend and author, Jo Saxton, to discuss the identity crisis we all face. And let’s be honest… Jo’s British accent is amazing.

"As followers of Jesus, we are life-long learners. The problem with identity is that we feel like we’ve got to achieve… but that’s not how it functions. If we are living our lives, of course things are going to affect our identity… Yet you do not need to feel shame for being human." – Jo Saxton


Season 1 • Episode 3

S1E3: Defining Your Spiritual Season with Havilah Cunnington

In life, we go through different seasons. In this episode, Andi invites her friend and author, Havilah Cunnington, to help define the spiritual seasons each of us will experience.

"Because we don't always know each spiritual season's markers, there's a part of us that can grow weary." – Havilah Cunnington