Coffee with Andi

On Balance & Kids

Our question for Coffee with Andi comes from West Virginia,

"You mentioned in one of your videos that you had a time (I believe in Australia) where you felt God calling you to be a stay at home mom, even though you felt possibly some uneasiness about the balance of that and your career.  I am a mother to one amazing and precious little girl and I am so afraid of missing out on anything. (We've been praying and trying for years to have more children and it hasn't happened yet.) I am so afraid to miss our on what could be my only child's life. I don't want to wake up one day and realize she's grown and I wasn't there because I was working too much in order to give her the "things" she wanted

I guess my question is, for those of us who are struggling with the deep desire to take time off to be at home more with our children (unsure of whether it's God calling us to stay home or if it's just our own desire), what advice to you have when our spouse doesn't seem to understand or agree with that decision? My husband wants me to continue to work. So.... advice on how to handle this situation...please."

So grab your coffee, tea, or drink of choice and settle in. I hope this encourages you. 


On Dealing With Anxiety

Anxiety is the worst. I hate it when my stomach feels all tied up in knots while simultaneously sending adrenaline shooting through my veins. When anxiety surfaces, what do we do? I sat down with Justin Tarsuik to chat with him about what he does when anxiety rises in his life. I hope it encourages you!

How Can I Trust God Again?

How do we trust God in our pain, trial, and circumstance? How do we trust Him when it seems like the world is falling apart? Maybe we're asking the wrong questions, maybe we need to understand more of His character through it all. 

This question comes from a woman in North Carolina who has been through a lot over the last few years as have many of you.

Please excuse my extremely casual appearance and 4 kids yelling in the background. I had a few minutes last night to film this after I got home (and already had my comfy clothes on), so I shut and locked the door to get a few minutes to re-connect with you!

On Doing Single Life Well

Hey Everyone, 

I hope this Coffee with Andi finds you well!

Lauressa from Ottawa, Ontario Canada asks a question that so many people are asking and it all has to do with doing single life well. She writes, 

"I just wanted to hear about what you say about the single season and how to do it well. Its something I'm walking through now and have walked through in the past- but the way I walked through it then and the way I am walking through it now are totally different. God has changed the way I look at being single, the relationship I would want to enter and the marriage I want to have someday! I am always looking for MORE wisdom & teaching in this area!! Bring it on :)"

I brought friend and amazing team member Nicole Reyes onto Coffee with Andi to answer your question. We hope it resounds with you and gives you some wisdom for the journey. Enjoy and share it around!


On Balance and Being Kind To Yourself

The question was asked: 

"God is calling me to do amazing things, right now I'm in the refining phase and super eager to learn and grow. Ready to pick out the imperfections and become a stronger leader. However, I have 4 children with 1 more on the way. Between everyone and everything I'm tasked to do I'm struggling with balance. Before I know it, the day is gone and with toddlers and babies the nights can be long leading to exhaustion. How do I find the time to be with God and also relieve myself from guilt when it doesn't happen?"    

I hope this helps you run well in your own lane and figure out a flow that works for you while being kind to yourself in the process.    

P.S. I will learn to actually look at the camera everyone... :-) These first videos are funny!