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On Dealing With Anxiety

Anxiety is the worst. I hate it when my stomach feels all tied up in knots while simultaneously sending adrenaline shooting through my veins. When anxiety surfaces, what do we do? I sat down with Justin Tarsuik to chat with him about what he does when anxiety rises in his life. I hope it encourages you!

On Balance and Being Kind To Yourself

The question was asked: 

"God is calling me to do amazing things, right now I'm in the refining phase and super eager to learn and grow. Ready to pick out the imperfections and become a stronger leader. However, I have 4 children with 1 more on the way. Between everyone and everything I'm tasked to do I'm struggling with balance. Before I know it, the day is gone and with toddlers and babies the nights can be long leading to exhaustion. How do I find the time to be with God and also relieve myself from guilt when it doesn't happen?"    

I hope this helps you run well in your own lane and figure out a flow that works for you while being kind to yourself in the process.    

P.S. I will learn to actually look at the camera everyone... :-) These first videos are funny!