On Doing Single Life Well

Hey Everyone, 

I hope this Coffee with Andi finds you well!

Lauressa from Ottawa, Ontario Canada asks a question that so many people are asking and it all has to do with doing single life well. She writes, 

"I just wanted to hear about what you say about the single season and how to do it well. Its something I'm walking through now and have walked through in the past- but the way I walked through it then and the way I am walking through it now are totally different. God has changed the way I look at being single, the relationship I would want to enter and the marriage I want to have someday! I am always looking for MORE wisdom & teaching in this area!! Bring it on :)"

I brought friend and amazing team member Nicole Reyes onto Coffee with Andi to answer your question. We hope it resounds with you and gives you some wisdom for the journey. Enjoy and share it around!